Gable Hall School

Religious Education

In GCSE RE, you will learn how to develop essential skills of describing, explaining and evaluating. You will develop the skills of investigation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, communication and debate. This course encourages you to: develop your interest in a study of religion and its relation to the wider world, adopt an enquiring, critical and reflective approach to the study of religion, reflect on and develop your own values, opinions and attitudes.

The lessons are often interactive with lots of discussion and debate in a relax environment
In RE, you will use the skills and knowledge acquired in other subjects like English, History, Science and see some aspects of philosophy, sociology and psychology and much more…..



Key Stage 3

At KS3, RE is delivered through the colour group system in year 8 and in year 9.

Key Stage 4

In year 10, some cohorts take their GCSE RE.

Department Achievements

In 2016, the results were 63% A*-C, in 2017, 68% A*-C  and in 2018  77% A*-C.  

Co-curricular Activities

There is an academic intervention in KS4 for GCSE classes to support students towards acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge for the exams.


Mrs C. N’Kallo- Head of Religious studies

Mr R  Miah- Religious Education Teacher

Mr D Strickland- Religious Education Teacher