Gable Hall School


The Psychology Department is a passionate team dedicated to creating a practical application to a theoretical curriculum; one of the only schools in Essex which offer Psychology at both GCSE Level and A Level our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with all of the skills they will need in literacy, numeracy and the scientific process. Our department has an extremely successful track record over a number of years and we are continually striving to achieve even better grades progressively each year. 


Key Stage 4

The KS4 cohorts will be taking the AQA Psychology New Specification (8182 from 2017).  They will be graded from 9 to 1 under the new GCSE grading system.  All examinations will be closed text –meaning pupils will not be able to access the texts they have studied during the exam, therefore putting an emphasis on their ability to revise in preparation for examination.
Students in Violet, Indigo and Yellow colour groups are currently offered this subject in year 9. The specification consists of studying the topics of Memory, Child Development, Perception and Research Methods in year 1 (unit 1) and then Social Influence, Language Thought & Communication, Brain & Neuropsychology, and Psychological Problems in year 2 (unit 2). 


Key Stage 5

The KS5 syllabus is again written by the AQA board Psychology New Specification (7182 from 2015) 
It will encourage the development of critical awareness and understanding of individual works of literature which stems from the GCSE course though it is not necessary for students to have studied psychology at GCSE level to take the course. The course requires students to outline (A01), Illustrate & Apply (AO2) and Analyse/Evaluate (AO3) 11 topics over 2 years of study. The course is entirely exam based without any course work or assessment during the course. The students are graded from A* - U as they sit three end of course exams. Paper 1 consists of the topics Memory, Social Influence, Attachment and Psychopathology. Paper 2 consists of topics Research Methods, Psychological Approaches and Biopsychology. Paper 3 consists of Issues and Debates in Psychology, Relationships, Aggression and Stress. 


Department Achievements


Mr D. Harries (Head of Social Sciences & Co-Head of Yr 12&13)

Miss G. Chipperfield - Teacher of Psychology & Sociology

Miss C. Barrett - Teacher of Psychology & Sociology