Gable Hall School

Physical Education

The Physical Education Department is an enthusiastic team dedicated to developing the performance skills and knowledge of pupils at Gable Hall, whilst stimulating a life-long involvement with physical activity.  Our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with all of the skills they will need to both succeed at GCSE, A Level and beyond. Pupils will develop skills through teaching of many different activity areas; from Trampolining to Rock climbing.



Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 pupils receive five lessons per fortnight and they progress from learning basic technical skills in Games Activities, Fitness, Gymnastics and Athletics. Pupils will develop specific skills for each activity area whilst building an understanding of tactics and strategies in all lessons. Through watching their peers pupils, will develop their ability to appreciate and highlight where skills have been used and set targets for improvement.  Activities covered include;
Athletics, Running Fitness, Football, Rugby, Netball, Basketball, Handball, Trampolining, Fitness Training, Volleyball, Badminton.

Key Stage 4

At Key stage 4 pupils will study the Edexcel specification for GCSE Physical Education.  This follows 3 main areas:

Written paper 40%
Pupils will study topics related to a Healthy Active Lifestyle and answer short and long answer questions.

Practical Performance 50%
The performance of 4 sports is assessed and moderated by a visiting moderator.

Analysis of Perfomance 10%
Pupils will compile a 6 week training programme for their chosen sport.
They will also present a performance analysis based on the same activity that highlight their areas of strength / improvements needed / tactical awareness / fitness training for the sport.

Key Stage 5

At key stage 5 pupils will study the Edexcel specification in A level Physical Education this follows four units:

Unit 1 - Written paper 50%
Short and long answer questions based on advanced level themes on Healthy Active Lifestyle.

Unit 2 – Practical and Coursework 50%
2a Local Study 15 marks
2b National Study 15 marks
2c Performance Analysis 30 marks
2d Practical Performance (2 sports) 30 marks

Unit 3 - Written paper 50%
Based on Physiological and Psychological effects of exercise and training in the short and long term.

Unit 4 - Practical and Coursework 50%
4a International Study 15 marks
4b Life Plan 10 marks
4c Development Plan 45 marks
4d Practical Performance (1 sport) 20 marks




Mr A. Dobson – Head of Faculty Physical Education, Performing and Expressive Arts
Mr I. Driscoll
Mr C. Wilson
Mrs A. Marks
Miss K. Boyling
Miss L. Nancolas
Miss A. Pooley
Mr S. Cogger
Mr T. Limpenny
Mrs E. Dobson