Gable Hall School

Media Studies

The Media Department is an exciting department with a curriculum that is designed to equip pupils with the analytical and creative skills that they need to be successful at GCSE. We provide students the opportunity to continue their studies at A level where the practical element becomes based around moving image.

This year, we have introduced an after school Film Studies AS Class which proved very popular with Yr12, Yr 13 and Yr 11 fast track students alike.




As with many other GCSEs, the KS4 curriculum is changing for September 2017.  The GCSE will move to a more exam based qualification with the weighting being 30% coursework and 70% examination. Both the examination and the coursework will be based on areas of study decided by the examination board. 

The examination itself will move across a range of multiple choice, stepped and short answer questions based on existing knowledge and pre-studied topic areas.



The AS specification has also changed to a 70/30 spit on examination and coursework.

Coursework will be based on pre-release material issued by the examination board.  We will be using moving image and web based technology at AS in order to demarcate the AS from GCSE.  It is not essential for students to have studied Media at GCSE in order to take the AS.  All that is needed is application and commitment to the study.



Extra Curricular

Intervention lessons are provided as well as voluntary drop in sessions in order to maintain high levels of achievement.

Film Club is run at lunchtimes in the library.

AS Film studies is provided for all students currently studying Media.




Mr De Cruz - Department Leader

Miss L Jordan - AS Media Studies

Mr Mathews