Gable Hall School


The Department aims to develop confidence, interest and enjoyment in Mathematics for every student but most importantly we want to enhance their Mathematical skills that are wholly essential to everyday life.

We use all the contemporary teaching methods that will enable our students to access the curriculum with ease; most methods are regularly used within our department to include all preferred learning styles (AfL techniques).

The Mathematics Department is a dynamic, passionate team with the drive and ambition to stimulate, motivate and inspire our students on the road to success.



Key Stage 3

On entry to Key Stage 3, we set and academically challenge all our students – students from VIY follow the accelerated Scheme of Learning. The OBSG classes follow a conventional route.

Similarly, the students in Argent and Red will receive specialist support and extra teaching in order for them to catch up and achieve their full potential.

We as a department review our students progress on a half-termly basis via tests; students are formally graded 4 times a year.

Key Stage 4

Our Key Stage 4 cohort will sit Edexcel GCSE Examination either at Foundation or Higher level.

Key Stage 5

At A-Level, students who have been highly successful at GCSE Mathematics and gained an A* or top A grade are encouraged to take the A-Level Edexcel Mathematics or Further Mathematics course in order to prepare for University. 


Departmental Achievements

In 2017, the Mathematics Department achieved 65% pass rate Grade 4+and 11% Grade 7+ in the GCSE Mathematics examination.


Co-Curricular Activities

Academic intervention is incredibly benificial for our students. We hold the following extra-support classes:

Maths Prefects at lunchtimes to support peers with homework or classwork every day

Year 11 Saturday intervention classes by invitation

Year 7 & 8 after school intervention on Mondays

Year 9 & 10 after school intervention on Tuesdays

Year 11 after school intervention on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Year 8 and 10 1to1 support in curriculum time

Year 12 lunchtime intervention on Wednesdays

Year 13 luncthime intervention on Mondays



Mr Dixon- Head of Department/Associate Vice Principal

Mr Stokes- Principal/Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Hughes- Vice Principal/Teacher of Mathematics

Mr McCallum- SENCo/Teacher of Mathematics

Mr McCabe- Head of Year 7/Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Robinson- Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Lumer- Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Oakley- Teacher of Mathematics

Mrs Egorina- Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Markopoulos- Teacher of Mathematics

Ms Smith- Teacher of Mathematics

Mr Herbing- Teacher of Mathematics