Gable Hall School


The Mathematics department fully supports the philosophy, beliefs, values and aims of the school. Mathematics is a core subject that all pupils must take at KS3 and KS4. It is our intention to provide opportunities for pupils to learn through a variety of different teaching techniques and by having high expectations of all pupils. Good relationships between pupils and staff, attractive wall displays and a range of different classroom activities are all ways we seek to do this.

Numeracy is a cross curricular skill, essential for life-long learning, and we believe that the Mathematics department has a key role to play in developing numeracy. (A separate numeracy policy is available for consultation). 

Thinking skills and Personal capabilities are also incorporated into the teaching in the Mathematics department through the use of appropriate mental maths tasks used at the teachers discretion.

The Mathematics Department is a dynamic, passionate team with the drive and ambition to stimulate, motivate and inspire our students on the road to success.



Key Stage 3

On entry to the school, students are set according to their Mathematical ability.  Students are not set in their colour groups, but in the following way:

Sets 1-4 – will be a mix of students from Violet, Indigo, Yellow and Magenta eg set 1, could include students from any of these four colour groups – depending on their ability.

Sets 5-7 will be a mix of students from Orange, Blue and Silver

Sets 8-9 will be a mix of students from Green and Teal

Students complete a test at the end of each unit, and a more comprehensive assessment at the end of each term.  As sets are based on ability, there are set changes at Christmas and Easter. 



Key Stage 4

All students sit the Edexcel GCSE Examination at either Higher or Foundation level at the end of Year 11.
Each GCSE examination consists of three exam papers - one non-calculator and two calculator – each paper is out of 80 marks.  The grade boundaries will vary from year to year.



Key Stage 5

At A-Level, students who have been highly successful at GCSE Mathematics and gained a Grade 7 or higher are encouraged to take the A-Level Edexcel Mathematics or Further Mathematics course in order to prepare for University. 


Co-Curricular Activities

All students (KS3-KS5) are encouraged to use “drop-in” sessions with class teachers, after school each day.  

Year 11 have more formal after-school revision sessions:

Monday – Higher students (sets 1-4)
Tuesday – Foundation (sets 5-9)





Mrs A Lumer – Head of Mathematics
Mr S Dixon – Lead Practitioner of Mathematics/Associate Vice Principal
Mr A Robinson – Mathematics Consultant/ Numeracy Across the Curriculum lead
Mr M Hughes – Vice Principal/Teacher of Mathematics
Ms L Smith – KS5 Co-ordinator
Mr C Herbing – joint KS3 Co-ordinator
Ms N Oakley – joint KS3 Co-ordinator
Mr D Debenham – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D McCallum – SENCO/Teacher of Mathematics
Mr D McCabe – Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Murphy – Academic Dialogue lead/Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs A Egorina – Teacher of Mathematics