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In combined Humanities, students will learn how to develop essential skills of describing, explaining and evaluating. Students will develop the skills of investigation, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, communication, chronological under-standing which includes a sense of change and continuity over time; and an appreciation of the development of cultures and society. Source skills; questioning skills; analytical writing and critical thinking.

Combined Humanities aims to develop student’s interest in a study of the Humanities subject such as History, Religion and geography, through an enquiring, critical and reflective approach. The study of Humanities allows students to develop their own values, opinions and attitudes.

The lessons are often interactive with lots of discussion and debate in a relaxed environment


Key Stage 3

History; Roman Britain through the Middle Ages and Early Modern Britain to the 19th Century, World war1

RE; Judaism and the stories of Old Testament

Geography; Our Place on the Planet, Using maps, latitude and Longitude, physical geography,


Department achievements

Students that have studied combined humanities at KS3 have gone on to study individual subjects history, RE and geography at GCSE level.


Co-curricular activities

There are opportunities to extend the learning of humanities beyond the classroom: with local trips and residential trips abroad.

We hold support class students every Thursday after school.



Mr D Strickland - Religious Education Teacher

Mrs K Smith - Religious Education Teacher