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Health & Social Care

Health and Social Care is taught at KS4 and 5 to pupils who are interested in pursuing a career in the health care sector.



At KS4 we offer the BTEC First Award in Health and Social Care

This course provides learners with the knowledge, skills and understanding they will need when moving towards a career in the Health and or Social Care sectors.  Learners gain the essential skills they may need for this sector.  They also gain practical experience useful for a variety of supportive roles in hospitals, surgeries, social care, counselling and childcare and educational settings, in both the private and the public sectors.

The course consists of two core units plus two optional specialist units, which provide a total of 120 guided learning hours.  The structure of the course allows learners to develop their interests and gain a broad foundation, and it introduces learners  to areas, such as communication, social influences, human development, health and social care values. Unit 1 is examined via a formal examination, pupils have to produce coursework for the other units.


As the BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care is a practical
introduction to life and work in the sector, you will be able to:
develop your knowledge and understanding of the sector
appreciate the importance of care values
analyse and evaluate your skills.

The course has two internally assessed components, and one that’s externally assessed.  These components build on each other to motivate you by helping you put what you’ve learned into practice and grow in confidence.

Component 1 Human Lifespan Development
Component 2 Health and Social Care Services and Values
Component 3 Health and Well-being

Component 1
Human Lifespan Development
Weighting: 30%
Aim: understand how we grow and develop throughout our lives.
Assessment: internally assessed assignments
During Component 1, you will:
• explore how individuals develop physically, emotionally, socially and intellectually over time
• investigate how various factors, events and choices may impact on individuals’ growth and development
• discover how people adapt to life events and cope with making changes.

Component 2
Health and Social Care Services and Values
Weighting: 30%
Aim: get to know how the Health and Social Care sector works and the care values that underpin it.
Assessment: internally assessed assignments
During Component 2, you will:
• learn which health and social care services are available
• identify why people might need to use these services
• discover who’s involved in providing these services
• explore what might stop people from accessing the services they
• look at the care values the sector has to make sure people get the care and protection they need.

Component 3
Health and wellbeing
Weighting: 40%
Aim: help improve someone’s health and wellbeing.
Assessment: Externally assessed task, in which you create a health
and wellbeing improvement plan for someone based on a brief
To do this, you will:
• learn what ‘being healthy’ means to different people
• explore the different factors that might influence health and wellbeing
• identify key health indicators and how to interpret them
• assess someone’s health using what they’ve learned
• create a health and wellbeing improvement plan for that person which includes targets and recommendations of support services available
• reflect on the potential challenges the person may face when putting
the plan into action.

With a BTEC Tech Award in Health and Social Care, you can see whether the industry is one you’d like to be in, where you could go, and gain the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in your next steps. After completing the course, you can continue on to further vocational and academic study at level 2 and level 3, as well as apprenticeships. What’s more, the practical transferable skills you master during you studies such as self-reflection, communication, teamwork and problem solving will also support your  progress in the present and the future.

Pupils may have the opportunity to hire a Virtual Baby in the autumn term of year 10. This will cost approximately £30 for a weekend. It is not compulsory, although many pupils enjoy the opportunity to experience parenting for a weekend!


Curriculum – KS5

The BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care is equivalent to three A Levels, which means when you have finished the course you can choose to go into higher education, further training, or straight into a job within the Health & Social Care Sector.

The Edexcel BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care consists of eight mandatory units (providing 480 guided learning hours or 80 credits) plus optional units that provide for a further 600 guided learning hours (100 credits) to produce a combined total of 1080 guided learning hours (GLH) or 180 credits for the completed qualification. This is approximately 18 units over 2 years. All units must be successfully achieved.



At KS5, learners will spend one day per week over the two years on work experience. Learners will also meet a variety of different professionals in the health and care sectors who are able to co-deliver the course and provide us with real-world case studies and experiences. You may have the opportunity to work with the following organisations, as well as others:

             Basildon Hospital

             Thurrock Council: Children’s Services, Adult Social Care, Community Safety Partnership

             South West Essex Primary Care Trust

             Beaconhill Special School

             Little Havens Children’s Hospice

             Triple L Training

             Parent Ambassadors and former pupils (alumni)

             Open Door (counselling)


All of these organisations will be supporting us by giving talks, doing workshops, or mentoring.

Anglia Ruskin University will also be supporting with days at the University to support the course as well as encouraging learners  to think about Higher Education.



Mrs Feeney KS4/5

Mrs Summerhayes KS5