Gable Hall School

Food Technology

The Food Technology Department is a dedicated and enthusiastic team of teaching and support staff who aim to engage and interest all our pupils in Food through a wide range of creative activities.  Pupils are taught a wide variety of skills and the supporting Food knowledge that they will need in readiness for GCSE, VCert or equivalent subjects as exam board expectations change over time.  We want to ensure that they have the correct skills and knowledge to prepare a healthier diet, for their future, using fresh ingredients.  
Our curriculum offers the opportunity to inspire our pupils’ and encourage them to be creative with their ideas.  We hold a wealth of knowledge within the department and work with our pupils to encourage them to create the best products that they can.
We welcome new ideas and feedback from parents and encourage pupils to adapt recipes from the ones we may give then in school to show flair and a wide understanding of the functions of ingredients in recipes.




Pupils will work on many different tasks and projects in KS3 covering Basic Skills, Family Meals, Healthy Eating, Multi-Cultural Foods, Special Diets, Seasonal cookery and Baking.  These are arranged in half-termly or termly blocks dependent upon the timetable.  Pupils will usually be asked to bring their own ingredients to the lessons, allowing them to adapt recipes and show their creative flair.  However, we are happy to supply some ingredients if pupils let us know or, if they can be more cheaply bought in bulk.  We also cover essential topics such as food safety and hygiene, environmental issues, healthy eating and nutrition, throughout KS3.


At KS4 we currently offer year 10 and 11 the NCFE Level 2 Certificate in Food and Cookery.  This is equivalent to GCSE in the grades awarded.


After school activities

There is a very popular KS3 cookery club on Tuesdays’ after school.  Each week we choose different recipes with the pupils.  They have the opportunity to cook ideas that we may not have time for in school during a one hour lesson.  It also gives pupils the opportunity to learn and extend their practical skills.  We offer coursework and exam revision support to our KS4 pupils on a Monday or Tuesday after school and at lunchtimes and on other days by arrangement.  As a department we are often involved in providing food for events within the school, giving pupils the opportunity to show their excellent skills to a wider audience.



Miss A Fitzpatrick – Department Leader for Food

Mrs J Ntiri – Teacher of Food

Mrs C Keeble - Vice Principal and Teacher of Food

Support Staff - Mrs M Twinn & Mrs L Croom