Gable Hall School


The English Department is a dynamic team dedicated to creating and delivering a varied curriculum; our curriculum is designed to equip pupils with all of the skills they will need to both succeed at GCSE, A Level and beyond.  English is a constantly changing subject and, as a department, we are continually striving to adapt our curriculum to suit the needs of our pupils. 



Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3, our ‘back to basics’ mantra underpins our desire to ensure that all pupils have the literacy skills they require in order to access reading and writing tasks across the school curriculum.  Proof-reading and self-assessment is encouraged in English as we strive to engage pupils with their own writing.

We are dedicated to providing the opportunity for our pupils to enjoy both modern and classic literature and to develop the skills needed to analyse other writers’ use of language.  The ability to read and analyse both fiction and non-fiction, provides the building blocks for assessed writing at Key Stage 3.  Our curriculum provides the opportunity to write in a range of forms from letters to speeches and for a range of purposes from descriptive to persuasive writing.

Key Stage 4

The KS4 cohorts will be taking the AQA English Language and AQA English Literature examinations for GCSE.  They will be graded from 9 to 1 under the new GCSE grading system.  All examinations will be closed text –meaning pupils will not be able to access the texts they have studied during the exam, therefore putting an emphasis on their ability to revise in preparation for examination.

Students in the Teal colour group will also complete AQA Functional English Level 1 and Level 2 alongside their AQA GCSE English Language and Literature.  This specification aims to ensure students have good communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. It assesses whether students can use these skills in everyday situations and helps students to gain practical skills for the life, learning and work. 

Key Stage 5

The English Department currently delivers 2 courses at A Level.  
The OCR syllabus is offered for English Literature and is designed to build on what students already know from GCSE.  It will encourage the development of critical awareness and understanding of individual works of literature.  Students will also explore the relationships between texts, developing an understanding of the significance of cultural and contextual influences on readers and writers. Ultimately, the course allows students to develop the valuable transferable skills of sustained research and composition.
We also offer the OCR syllabus for English Language and Literature. Students will study a wide range of interesting and engaging literary and non-fiction texts.  Students will explore narrative techniques in a prose study, produce original non-fiction creative writing, and build knowledge of non-fiction genres.  Explore and make connections between texts using the analytical concepts and methods they learn during the course.


Departmental Achievements

72% of our 2018 Year 11 GCSE cohort achieved a grade 9 to 4 in English Language or English Literature. 
100% of our 2017 Year 13 cohort achieved an A to C pass rate. 



Miss K Webster – Department Leader of English

Mr L Mathews – KS4 English Intervention Coordinator

Miss K Ashford – Associate Assistant Vice Principal of Teaching and Learning

Mrs L Vaamonde – English Lead Practitioner 

Mr W Greatrex – KS3 Curriculum Coordinator abd Literacy Coordinator

Mr G DeCruz – Media Specialist and Teacher of English, Head of Year 10

Mrs R Clark – Steps to Success Coordinator

Mrs H Gordon – Teacher of English

Mrs E Garwood – Teacher of English

Miss S Underwood -  Teacher of English

Mrs L Hendy - English Instructor

Miss L Jordan - English and Media Instructor