Gable Hall School

Economics & Business Studies

The Economics and Business Studies department comprises mainly of two specialist teachers both of whom have spent time in industry before moving into a teaching career. In addition a range of other teachers also assist the department, all of whom have a range of experience to call upon and have a shared passion for the subjects.


Key Stage 4

Economics is studied in Years 10 and 11 at GCSE level following the OCR specification. There is no coursework or controlled assessments in Economics with final grades being determined by examinations at the end of Year 11 in this linear qualification. There are two units which are Unit 1 focusing on how markets work whilst Unit 2 looks at how the economy works.
Business BTEC First National is currently being completed in Year 11 as a vocational qualification which comprises four units of work. The aim is to complete the coursework for Units 1, 3 and 4 in with the remaining Unit 2 being an examination. The current Year 10 pupils are following the new BTEC Tech Award in Enterprise which is similar to the Business BTEC First National course in that it is vocational with elements of coursework in addition an examination. Two units of coursework are completed with the remaining unit being an examination.


Key Stage 5

In the Sixth Form pupils are following the vocational BTEC Diploma Course (equivalent to 2 A' Levels) in Business which requires the completion of 12 units or work over the 2 years. Some pupils have elected to complete the BTEC Extended Diploma course which entails 5 additional units of work over the 2 years. Units of work are either examinations, externally set and marked tasks; or internally set and marked assignments (which are then externally moderated). The units focus on different aspects of business including personnel, finance, marketing and operations. Economics A’Level is also offered at the Sixth Form with Year 12 and 13 pupils following the AQA specification. This is a linear qualification with three examinations taken at the end of the course in Year 13 (normally in June). Pupils will look at economic principles, explore economic behaviour and evaluate economic models and policies whilst also developing their quantitative skills in performing economic calculations.

Departmental Achievements

At A' Level / BTEC in 2017 100% of pupils passed Economics with grades from A-C and Business Studies with grades from Distinction* to Merit.


Co-Curricular Activities

Extra support sessions are held for targeted pupils or pupils who request additional assistance on a Monday (Economics) and Thursday (Business) most weeks for 1 hour after school finishes.



Mr T. Draper - Department Leader of Business & Computing
Mrs A Brown - Teacher of Economics & Business Studies
Mr D McCabe – Teacher of Economics & Business Studies
Mr R Miah – Teacher of Computing, Religious Education & Business Studies
Mr G Keen – Consultant for Economics & Business Studies
Mrs B Farrell – Consultant for Economics & Business Studies