Gable Hall School

Art & Design

The Art, Textiles and Photography department prides itself on inspiring and supporting our students to be independent, skilful, imaginative and thoughtful artists. The way art, textiles and photography is applied, displayed and created is constantly evolving and therefore it is important that the department grows with these changes, hence we have introduced GCSE photography and have a suite of macs available for students to use in the department. Through the art curriculum we aim to create opportunities for students to experience and gain confidence to work with the vast array of visual language, imagery and design that surrounds them and to motivate and prepare them to pursue careers across the art and design industries.


Key Stage 3

At Key Stage 3 students explore and create work covering a wide range of media and techniques including: painting, drawing, felt making, embroidery, clay, printing, wire sculptures, animation, digital art and photography. Each year group focusses on a theme enabling them to discover ways of communicating meaning through their work. In year 7 they explore ‘Our World’ looking at landscape, travel, cultures, environment and conservation. In year 8 they explore their identity and through their work consider what makes them who they are. In year 9 they look at Popular culture through printing, drawing, textile techniques, photography, stencils and Protest art.  Throughout Key Stage 3 they are increasingly supported to develop their work independently, preparing them for GCSE and A Level. 

Key Stage 4

">At GCSE students are offered AQA Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. The two year courses include one units of coursework, 60%, and the exam unit, 40%. Through their: research looking at other artists, observations, media trials and refinements, students explore the theme and develop and create an independent personal response. After Christmas in the second year they receive their exam paper where they choose from a selection of themes and independently develop and refine their idea in preparation for the 10 hour controlled assessment, where they create their personal response

Key Stage 5

AQA Fine Art, Textiles and Photography are offered at AS and A Level. In year 1 students complete one portfolio unit of coursework that aims to build the practical and analytical skills and techniques required. Following a series of workshops students are required to develop and refine their work independently and produce a final outcome. This is  60% of the AS grade. On the first February AS students receive their exam paper where they select, develop, refine and create an independent response in a 10 hour controlled assessment. Their exam unit, 40%.  A Level students begin their Personal Investigation 60%, where they select their own theme to research, analyse, explore, refine and develop into a personal response. This is supported by a 1000-3000 word essay. For the exam unit they choose a theme from the exam paper and explore, develop, analyse and refine their work in preparation for the 15 hour controlled assessment.  Throughout the course the students participate in group critiques and tutorials to support them with the analysis, development refinement of their work.


Department Achievements

In 2017 79% of Fine Art, 88% Textile Design and 100% Photography students achieved a grade 4 or better. 100% of A' Level students passed Fine Art, Textiles and Photography. 


Co-Curricular Activities

Art> Club runs every week for KS3 students and explores a range of media and themes throughout the year in response to the news, exhibitions and competitions . Weekly workshops are provided for GCSE and A Level students and they are encouraged to use the department in study periods, before school, afterschool and at break and lunch.



>Mrs L. Regan – Department Leader of Art, Textiles and Photography

>Miss L. Anderson – Department Leader of Art, Textiles and Photography

Mrs L. Mandeman

Mrs L. James

Miss E. Absolom

Ms D Clarke

Miss A Clark

Mrs L. Tinworth – Art Technician